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Akron Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Solutions & Services

APS provides a resource for Akron area women and men searching for information on unplanned pregnancies.

More than twenty-five years ago their director was brought to APS by her passion for a safe place where women could go to get help when they were facing an unplanned pregnancy. A place where they could process through their options and leave with a clear perspective. Today, APS is that place and my passion has not changed.

On a daily basis they see women who are feeling emotionally overwhelmed with what seems like an impossible situation. However, they find that when all the factors affecting their situation and their personal lives are considered a good decision can be made.

Many have been through some of the same experiences and understand the pressures an unplanned pregnancy may bring. APS' knowledge and support is one of the great resources APS offers.

Check out their website:

Pregnancy Solutions & Services can’t give you the answers to all your questions, but they can give you the information you need now in a caring and confidential manner.

The first step is being certain if you are pregnant or not. That’s why they provide a self-administered urine pregnancy test at no cost to you.

If your test is positive, they can provide a FREE limited ultrasound at the appropriate stage of pregnancy on their Image Clear Ultrasound mobile unit. A registered diagnostic medical sonographer will perform the ultrasound and determine where you are in the pregnancy.

For your convenience, pregnancy tests are available in their Ultrasound Mobile Units that travel throughout their area. Look for the Mobile with “Image Clear Ultrasound” on it. No matter what kind of visit you make to one of the Ultrasound Mobiles, arrive with no money and leave with great information.

Why do they offer these services at no charge? Pregnancy Solutions & Services believes money should never stand between a pregnant woman and the answers she needs to create a plan that fits her life. They know the decisions you are about to make will impact your life forever and they want to help in your quest to have the best information.

So, if you are ready to start answering some of the questions being asked over and over in your head, let them help. Check out their website:

Emmanuel Christian Academy

Broken Chains Ministry

Emmanuel Christian Academy is located in the inner city in the west Akron, Ohio community. Their purpose is to "educate children in the spirit of excellence" by intentionally targeting at-risk students and their families. They provide educational opportunities that allow every child the chance to pursue the American Dream, without labeling any child as a non-achiever just because he or she is disadvantaged.

Emmanuel Christian Academy focuses on raising up a generation of future leaders through academics, art, athletics, drama, music, foreign language, mission outreach, special programs, and the Word of God. They serve students from Pre-K through Grade 8 from the local Akron area and surrounding communities.

Learn more about Emmanuel Christian Academy Programs and Opportunities for students including Entrepreneurship Education and they're dynamic Summer Enrichment Program. Take the time to visit the school and become a member of our Emmanuel family. They would love to have the privilege to serve you!

First Glance

Since 2004, Broken Chains Ministry (BCM) has served as a bridge to help hundreds of men and women successfully transition from a life of incarceration to a life of hope, faith and work.

BCM mission is to improve public safety and support the local economy by reducing felony relapse and restoring lives so the whole community benefits as a result.

BCM core values include:

    • Integrity – Upholding the highest moral and ethical standards.

    • Compassion – Treating others with respect and understanding.

    • Excellence – In leadership, training and business management.

    • Stewardship – Through accountability and fiscal management.

  • Commitment – Striving to meet the needs of the whole person.

Rahab Ministries

First Glance is a youth center that operates in the Kenmore neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. First Glance started in 2000 through The Chapel’s Jr High department. The first night they started with 22 students and grew quickly. In the Spring of 2003, First Glance had outgrown the community center and started renting another facility on Kenmore Blvd. In 2005, First Glance became an independent non-profit organization. Today, First Glance owns two buildings, hosts 11 programs, and has seen several thousand different teens and young adults. God has certainly blessed them over these years!

Their mission is to connect students and their communities to Christ and the church through real, loving, and non-threatening avenues.

They do this by providing a safe and loving environment where their student's can come, hang out, and be loved the way they are - not the way they may want them to be. They have a skate park, basketball court, computers, video games, and more. They also have several specific programs that are designed to provide their students with the opportunity to have fun with their friends and mentors in a safe, supervised environment.

First Glance serves as a bridge between the unchurched and the church. Through caring, loving, and genuine relationships, their goal is to show the students the love of God and the hope that He offers.

In 2002, armed with nothing but homemade business cards and prayers, Becky Moreland headed out to the streets of some of the roughest areas of Akron, Ohio to share the love of Jesus with women she met. Since then, RAHAB Ministries has served tens of thousands of female victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Whether it’s through providing basic necessities, mentoring, or safe housing, RAHAB is a constant example of the Gospel to the women it serves.